We provide our clients with simultaneous interpretation and translation equipment which meets the standards of excellence required by the current market.

Infrared wireless systems for one or more languages.
Acoustic booths complying with international ISO 4043 standards.
Highly -trained room technicians and assistants.


This system is recommended for use in reduced places, visits to plants and events with a turnout of no more than 20 people.
Wireless system which does not require booths or sound installation.

Enersound R-120
It’s the ultimate equipment for professional use, specially designed for simultaneous interpretation.
You can change the frequency with matchless flexibility by just pushing a button. This allows you to overcome the most unpredictable events that may arise at a conference in no time.

Technical Specifications
20 programmable channels
Compatible with most FM systems of 72-76 Mhz Exceptional reception quality
Clear, well-defined sound
LCD screen with optional light
Volume indicator
Reduced feedback effect
Easy to operate
Easy access to the buttons
Blocking of functions allowed
Innovative and attractive design
Several carrying methods:
Belt fastener
Neck cord
Arm velcro
2 AAA 1.5V batteries
Low battery consumption (lasts up to 35 hours)
Small and light
Includes headphones


This portable two-person booth is very easy to assemble and ideal for small and medium sized meetings and workshops.

It has two cable organizers (one on each side) which simplify its use. The difference with the fixed booth that is normally used it that this one is not completely soundproof. It is set up on a large desk and offers 50% soundproofing. It is a perfect middle road between an event which requires hours of set up time and technicians and a simple portable interpretation system with headset microphones where the interpreters must sit close to the speaker.


Sound systems for word reinforcement.
Standard and HD projections from 3500 to 15000 ANSI LUMENS.
Standard and HD - Polycom videoconferences.
Webex – web conference system.
32" and 40" LCD.
Notebook and Tablet rental.