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What is a "Certified Translator"?
Certified Translators are university professionals with full command of the English and Spanish language. They have obtained the pertinent qualifications to translate legal, technical, commercial and literary documents.

What does it mean that the translator is certified?
The signature of the certified or sworn translator is registered with the "ranslators Association" The translator holds a Professional License which entitles him/her to sign a translation, thus certifying its content. Every time you hire a translator, you need to find out if he or she is a registered member of the above mentioned Association. If this is the case, the translations submitted before the Argentine and foreign authorities will be deemed valid.

Which documents need to carry a certified translation?
National Identification Documents such as DNI, Passport, etc.
Birth, Marriage or Death Certificate
Criminal records certificate
Certificate of studies, Transcripts, Degrees
Commercial Invoices
Contracts, POAs, By-laws, Letters Rogatory
Balance Sheets
Divorce Decrees, among others.

Otros instrumentos públicos como ser:
Facturas comerciales
Títulos de propiedad
Contratos, Poderes, Estatutos, Exhortos
Sentencias de divorcio, entre otros...

What is a "legalization"?
Once the translation is finished, the translator must sign it and include a closing formula certifying that the document is a true translation of the original document. Immediately after, the translator stamps its official seal in between all the pages of the original document or photocopy. Now the document (stapled to its corresponding translation) is taken to the Association of Certified Translators of the City of Buenos Aires (Colegio de Traductores Públicos de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, CTPCBA) which will certify the signature of the translator and issue the so-called "Legalization" or "Authentication".

What is the "CTPCBA"?
It is an entity established in 1973, which rules the exercise of the translators' profession in Buenos Aires and it is the place where the so-called "legalization" is issued. http://www.traductores.org.ar